ARDENT - One of several releases from Retrospect featuring well respected New York-based guitarist ROY COSTON, Ardent were a female fronted melodic hard rock / metal band from Syracuse, NY. This "Metalogy" includes everything they ever recorded including 4 songs produced by RAVEN's John Gallagher. This was the first of many bands that Roy Coston would record extensively with, and shows his excellent and very promising beginnings as a songwriter and guitar player. His metallic solid catchy riffs do well to compliment the gritty powerful vocals of Mary B -- Ardent were certainly one of the heaviest female fronted metal bands of the '80s. After parting ways in 1987, Mary B. and Roy Coston would work together again in DC STRUT -- also available here at Retrospect and another testament to those great hard n heavy glory days of the '80s. Crank up some Ardent and melt your face off!! 
Ardent ‎– Guilty As Charged
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