Not Endorsed, however, love the amps! 

Pariah Pickup P-90 Strychnine-D www.pariahpickups.com LoveBone & Roy Coston are represented by OFFICIAL EAST COAST PROMOTER Christina Avila avila.christina@aol.com www.RoyCoston.com SIT Guitar Strings; Bugera; Eminence Speakers; HipShot Products; In Tune Guitar Picks; Ed Davis '58 custom; WB Gear

My custom made Ed Davis 58 guitar!!! Korina body and neck and the basic Franklin specifications. Upgraded to a Pariah Pickup P-90 Strychnine-D (hot - 15k output) and Grover style 16:1 tuners. Ed Davis painted the bats with some hand cut stencils and an airbrush.

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