Four Large Men, {1}  1990 to 1993. Jerry Yerman - Vocals,                        Roy Coston - Guitar,                              Rick Richmond  - Bass,                      Kevin Meacham - Drums
Four Large Men, {3}  1993 to 1999. Jerry Yerman - Vocals, Roy Coston - Guitar, Wayne W. Johnson - Bass, Mike Merrifield - Drums


WOW!!! July 5 2019. I am extremely overwhelmed and exhausted, however, 'THANK YOU' everyone who made our show a night to remember! When Mary called me and said she was coming to NY from Texas, she said, - BOOK A SHOW!. That is exactly what I did! Tonight was a special show {despite the rain} dedicated to our fallen musical brothers Richard K RichmondJerry Yerman; and Kevin Meacham! ARDENT; DC STRUT; and FOUR LARGE MEN! Playing many old favorites and classics! I hope we all made you proud! From all of us! - Roy Coston Mary Meacham Wayne W Johnson 'MONSTER' Mike Merrifield'BINGO' Mike Jaquays Ian Evans Joseph Reppert Talon Blaque & Scott Rif Miller Steve Evans SOUND - Deb Coston Karen Kline Merrifield Sherry StoneLena Deseus The 169 Rhythm Section, & Devinity Reign All the volunteers at The Oneida American Legion! THANK YOU TO ALL VETERANS! LoveBone & Roy COSTON are represented by EAST COAST PROMOTER Christina Avila for upcoming shows and much more.

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