LoveBone...August 2002, Roy Coston and Chuck Heath initially conceived LoveBone.

It quickly developed a respectable following, winning over audiences and in 2004, clinched the WOUR 96.9 Battle of the Bands.

The name LoveBone did not just pop up. It came from the Poison song,  "I Hate Every Bone in Your Body but Mine".

January, 2019                                                                          Drummer Ian Evans,  Bassist Joseph Reppert  

Guitarist Roy Coston, Vocalist Chuck Heath 

'COSTON'  18 former Alice Cooper members

Steve Steele - bass & Ed Steele drums,

Chuck Heath Vocals & Roy Coston guitar;

The Oneida Kallet Theater Nov 27th 2015 

                           Video by Scott Nutting

January 12th 2019  SHOT OF POISON & LoveBone! The Westcott Theater!

LoveBone song "INSIDE OUT" featured on PART 7- HAVE SWORD WILL TRAVEL.
"Action Adventure Series Through Time". Arizona Film Festival "Best T.V. Pilot" Award Winners
Celestial Starcom agent "Talon Hawk"(John Titor) played by Bobby Lento is commissioned By Starcom to capture and re-locate various Earth villans such as "Ruby Slayer" . Also Starring: Bruce Eric Nelson as "General Tang" ,Tiffany Goltz as "Shiloh Tucker",Thomas McKenna as "Mason Storm". Guest Starring: Vincent Angelo as "Falcon", Enrico Ganino as "Rhee Ko", Shaolin Master Bruce Wen and many many more... All New exciting episodes!


September 2017 to October 2018:

Chuck Heath ~  Vocals;   Roy Coston ~ Guitar & Vocals;

Ed Steele ~ Drums & Vocals​;   Steve Steele ~ Bass & Vocals

LoveBone Cant Drink You Off My Mind!                          Have Sword,Will Travel..Pg.9/Ep.29..Web Series

While running things at Starcom, Lt. Halo tries to contact agent Woo and Maj. Storm and direct them to reinforce Col. Hawk who is on his way to find the kidnapped General. Agent Molly Brown daydreams of her handsome prince and is surprised when given orders by Lt. Halo to join them on this very important mission to find the General. Starring: Thomas McKenna,Hal Goltz & Bruce Wen. Guest Starring: Nikki Goltz. Introducing: Frank Marquez . Written & Directed by Bobby Lento


 LoveBone Members: {L to R} 

January 2016 to January 2017

Roy Coston ~ Guitar & Vocals;

Chuck Heath ~ Bass Guitar & Vocals;

Rob Vormwald ~ Drums & Vocals;

Jeff Howell ~ Bass Guitar & Vocals​


February 2012 to May 2015 Members:

Chuck Heath ~ Bass Guitar & Vocals;

Roy Coston ~ Guitar & Vocals;

Gunnar Coston ~ Drums & Vocals​


JULY 2002 to JULY 2009  Members:

Chuck Heath ~ Bass Guitar & Vocals;

Roy Coston ~ Guitar & Vocals;

Keith Carroll ~ Drums & Vocals​

 LoveBone   October 26, 2019 & January 18 2020 shows

Chuck Heath ~ Bass Guitar & Vocals;

Roy Coston ~ Guitar & Vocals;

SUBSTITUTE drummer for Ian Evans; Joe Andros   

Joe Reppert ~ Bass Guitar & Vocals​

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