ROY COSTON Discography

1984  Ardent ~  Four song demo

1985  Ardent ~ WRCK Rock 107 Utica NY Compilation Record Album

1986  Ardent ~ "Guilty as Charged" ~ cassette

1987  Ardent ~ Four song demo produced by John Gallagher of RAVEN ~ cassette

1988  Ardent ~ 'Falling Over The Edge', "Lady Killers Volume II Compilation", Ann Boleyn's {Hellion} New Renaissance Record Label

1988  Raven ~ Combat Records release, CD & Album  "Nothing Exceeds Like Excess', four backing vocals tracks;

           "Die for Allah", "Stick It", "Hard as Nails", & "Kick Your Ass"

1989  DC Strut ~ S/T,  cassette

1989  DC Strut ~ Video "Shock City"

1992  Four Large Men ~ "F.L.M." cassette: 1st pressing yellow, 2nd pressing green

1993  Four Large Men ~ Perris Records - "Volume 1", 'Sweet Jezebel' CD

1993  Four Large Men ~ Iron Man Records – "The Best of the Unsigned Volume 1" 'Sweet Jezebel' CD

1994 Four Large Men ~ 

1997  Four Large Men ~ Reworded Beastie Boys song for a video “Fight For Your Right” promotional contest by World Championship Wrestling {WCW}, 1998  Four Large Men ~ TV commercial for Music Lovers Shoppe, Syracuse NY

1998  Four Large Men - Unreleased "Its a Small World" CD

2004  LoveBone – UMTV Video ~ "B.O.N.E."

2004  Caroline Blue ~ S/T CD, Co-writing credits

2005  LoveBone ~ "BareBones Demo" CD

2005  Caroline Blue ~ "Slave to the Hour Glass" CD, Co-writing credits

2005  LoveBone ~ "B.O.N.E.", A.O.G Media , "Compilation Volume 5" CD

2006  LoveBone ~ "B.O.N.E.", Metal Doll Records, "Volume 1" CD

2007  Roy played guitar in 2007 for a demo project recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at Galahad Recording Studios by former Cats In Boots/Heavy Bones                  vocalist Joel Ellis;.

2007  Caroline Blue ~  "Not For the Innocent” CD, Co-writing credits

2007  LoveBone ~ Perris Records –"Hollywood Hairspray Volume 7" CD

2007  LoveBone ~ Versailles Records –"Skater Rock Compilation 1, 2 & 3" CD

2008  LoveBone ~ Versailles Records – "Lick It Up - A Millennium Tribute to Kiss" with the bonus disc "Strip Rock Volume 1 & 2" CD

2008  LoveBone ~ "Inside Out", Soundtrack for Video, "Have Sword, Will Travel", Written and Directed by Swordmaster Bobby Lento

2008  LoveBone ~ "Cant Drink You Off My Mind", Soundtrack for, "Have Sword, Will Travel",Ep.2 Written and Directed by Swordmaster Bobby Lento

2008  LoveBone  ~ unreleased "Jakkin' the Box" CD

2009  LoveBone ~ A.O.G. MEDIA Presents: "DVD Compilation Volume 1"

2010  Roy Coston, Jeff Howell, {Foghat,Savoy Brown, Feinstein, The Cats}  Don Pharoah, 5 song original demo, Ithaca New York

2012  Ardent  ~ "The Metal Anthology”, Retrosprect Records re - release/with Bonus Tracks,CD  

2012  DC Strut ~ "S/T”, Retrosprect Records re - release/with Bonus Tracks, CD  

2012  LoveBone ~ "Suck, Bang, Blow" Retrosprect Records re - release/with Bonus Tracks, CD & Digital Download  

2015  Roy Coston ~ {May} ~ Free digital download of an Instrumental "The Guitar Center Sessions"

2015  Roy Coston ~ {September} ~  digital download of "Not Much Left of Me" {Dave Defeis from Virgin Steele Mastering}

           "Not Much Left of Me" {Remix} and "Falling Over The Edge" {1987 John Gallagher fom Raven Mix} 

2015  Roy Coston ~ {October} Lyric Video release "Not Much Left of Me" {Remix}

2015 Roy Coston ~ {December} IndiePulse Music Magazine / IndiePulse Records is proud to announce the release of the 1st of 4 new singles and                     special EP Digital Albums available of Our Bandcamp Site.

2020 Roy Coston - {June} Composed the original musical intro to a local talk show Rick Smith for the second season in Oneida NY called 'Chilling With The Rick!'

2020 Roy Coston {July} 'SIX STRING SERMON' new instrumental song released worldwide, Bandcamp; Spotify; Reverbnation; Deezer and more

2020 Roy Coston {August} 'RAILROAD ANGELS'  & "IS IT NOW YET?" new instrumental songs released worldwide, Bandcamp; Spotify; Reverbnation; Amazon; Deezer; Pandora and more

2020 Roy Coston {September} Pro Wrestler's  S.O.G. Ronnie S.O.G. Ribbs {Ronnie Ribera} & Andrew Anderson requested "Six String Sermon"; "Railroad Angels" & "Is It Now Yet"  for opening Theme songs

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