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Years active - 1976 to Present

  Teaching: Guitar lessons, Private, The YMCA Oneida,  Beginning Guitar 101, Intermediate Guitar 102, Song Writing For Beginners, B.O.C.E.S. Campus Verona NY, & Many School Related Functions.


Melal Cuse' - All Star Ronnie James Dio Tribute, Nov 6, 2010, WAQX 95x, Syracuse NY, Club  Fusion,  Mattydale NY,  3 songs, "Heven and Hell", "Neon Knights" & "Stand Up and Shout"; 


 'Lock up the Wolves' - All Star Ronnie James Dio Tribute, May 14, 2011, The Lost Horizon, Syracuse NY, 6 songs, "Man on the Silver Mountain", "Neon Knights", "Sit Down Honey", "Voodoo", "Die Young",  & "Stand Up & Shout"                                   


   Roy has attended several seminars, held guitar clinics, toured, shared the stage and performed along many artist including, Bret Michaels of Poison; Jackyl; Pat Travers Band; Blue Oyster Cult; Benny Mardones; The Rods;  Raven; Cheap Thrill -Cinderella bassist Eric Brittingham & guitarist Jeff LaBar, vocalist/guitarist Brandon Gibbs, drummer Cheney Brannon Collective Soul; Saraya; Jeff Howell {Foghat, The Outlaws, Savoy Brown, Feinstein};  Keri Kelli {Alice Cooper}; Randy Jackson of Zebra; Brighton Rock; Orleans; Green Jelly;  Night Demon; WICKED; 

Diamond Head; Virus {Dope, Big & Rich}; Blanco Diablo; Joey Belladonna {Anthrax}; Granny 4 Barrel; LA Guns; The Todd Hobin Band;

 Absence of Despair; Blaze Bailey {former Iron Maiden vocalist}; Jim Crean {Hairnation}; Steve & Ed Steele {Former Alice Cooper 

Members};  Dead By Wednesday; Ice Water Mansion; The Bomb, - {Utica NY Modern Rock Cover Band}; New York Flyers; Mandy Lion of WWIII; Brand New Sin; Titanium Black;  Poison Dollys; Jimi Hendrix Tribute, 'Band Of Gypsys'; ZigZag {Buffalo NY}; Shot Of Poison - POISON Tribute {Boston Mass}; Ozzy Osbourne Tribute 'Ozzmageddon'; Van Halen Tribute 'Unchained';  Freddy Villano, bass player, formerly with Quiet Riot, Dee Sniders WIDOWMAKER, and American Mafia}; Aerosmith Tribute 'Toys in the Attic'; Guns n' Roses Tribute 'Get Your Guns'; Joe Lynn Turner Band; 3 Inch Fury; Joel Ellis {former Cats In Boots & Heavy Bones};  BONFIRE {AC/DC TRIBUTE BAND};  Budderside; Love In Vein {Baltimore, Maryland}; Held Hostage; Scot 'Rif' Miller {Tango Down}; 


Foundations Forum Music Conference in Los Angeles CA, Empire Music Conference in Rochester NY, Oneida Music {Guitar Clinic}, Canton College {Guitar Clinic}, Music & More New Hartford NY - S.I.T. Guitar String Clinic

CURRENT LINE UP January 2019 to Present
Roy Coston~ Guitarist,  Chuck Heath ~ Vocalist
Joseph Reppert ~ Bassist,   Ian Evans ~ Drummer
LoveBone & Roy Coston are represented by EAST COAST PROMOTER Christina Avila


 Former guitarist for ARDENT

ARDENT - One of several releases from Retrospect featuring well respected New York-based guitarist ROY COSTON, Ardent were a female fronted melodic hard rock / metal band from Syracuse, NY. This "Metalogy" includes everything they ever recorded including 4 songs produced by RAVEN's John Gallagher. This was the first of many bands that Roy Coston would record extensively with, and shows his excellent and very promising beginnings as a songwriter and guitar player. His metallic solid catchy riffs do well to compliment the gritty powerful vocals of Mary B -- Ardent were certainly one of the heaviest female fronted metal bands of the '80s. After parting ways in 1987, Mary B. and Roy Coston would work together again in DC STRUT -- also available here at Retrospect and another testament to those great hard n heavy glory days of the '80s. Crank up some Ardent and melt your face off!! 


 Former guitarist for  DC STRUT


 Former guitarist for FOUR LARGE MEN!  

Four Large Men,  1990 to 1993. 

Four Large Men,  1993 {3 months}

Four Large Men,  1993 to 1999.

Tribute to the original members of the band Four Large Men who have passed away. Rick Richmond, Kevin Meacham and,

Jerry Yerman. Debroy Creations, printed a limited run of about 50 Cd's. The disc contains; 7 songs, 5 unreleased bonus tracks,

and 1 unreleased unplugged track, 13 tracks total. All from the original cassette tapes remastered by

DAVID DeFEIS of VIRGIN STEELE at The Hammer of Zeus Recording Studios Long Island New York.

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