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MAY 2013 - Thank you to all the bands that participated in the contest! It looks like the band that will be submitted to Motley Crue's management (to be one of three possible openers) by WOUR is....... Glass Skeleton Death March! Each and every one of you that voted - the bands appreciate it, and it's great to see the interaction with local bands! Special shout out to Red Hush, Wicked, Alcohol in the Family, Brass Knuckle, Motel Hotel & Coston - they all did a great job too!

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APRIL 2022

One of my favorite bands in the early 90's was 'SPREAD EAGLE' and the song 'BROKEN CITY'!

The band Spread Eagle are looking for 'Understudy Replacement Guitarist' for upcoming shows 7/29, 7/30 and 7/31 in Philly, NYC, NJ. Due to the DC STRUT REUNION and GUITAR DAY, there is no way

I can put the time in to play that kind of lead guitar work. So here is a small clip recorded at

'CRASH, BANG WALLOP Studios'! for the people that asked to play something! ENJOY!

ROY COSTON Discography

1984  Ardent ~  Four song demo

1985  Ardent ~ WRCK Rock 107 Utica NY Compilation Record Album

1986  Ardent ~ "Guilty as Charged" ~ cassette

1987  Ardent ~ Four song demo produced by John Gallagher of RAVEN ~ cassette

1988  Ardent ~ 'Falling Over The Edge', "Lady Killers Volume II Compilation", Ann Boleyn's {Hellion} New Renaissance Record Label

1988  Raven ~ Combat Records release, CD & Album  "Nothing Exceeds Like Excess', four backing vocals tracks;

           "Die for Allah", "Stick It", "Hard as Nails", & "Kick Your Ass"

1989  DC Strut ~ S/T,  cassette

1989  DC Strut ~ Video "Shock City"

1992  Four Large Men ~ "F.L.M." cassette: 1st pressing yellow, 2nd pressing green

1993  Four Large Men ~ Perris Records - "Volume 1", 'Sweet Jezebel' CD

1993  Four Large Men ~ Iron Man Records – "The Best of the Unsigned Volume 1" 'Sweet Jezebel' CD

1994 Four Large Men ~ 

1997  Four Large Men ~ Reworded Beastie Boys song for a video “Fight For Your Right” promotional contest by World Championship Wrestling       {WCW}, 1998  Four Large Men ~ TV commercial for Music Lovers Shoppe, Syracuse NY

1998  Four Large Men - Unreleased "Its a Small World" CD

2004  LoveBone – UMTV Video ~ "B.O.N.E."

2004  Caroline Blue ~ S/T CD, Co-writing credits

2005  LoveBone ~ "BareBones Demo" CD

2005  Caroline Blue ~ "Slave to the Hour Glass" CD, Co-writing credits

2005  LoveBone ~ "B.O.N.E.", A.O.G Media , "Compilation Volume 5" CD

2006  LoveBone ~ "B.O.N.E.", Metal Doll Records, "Volume 1" CD

2007  Roy played guitar in 2007 for a demo project recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at Galahad Recording Studios by former

     Cats In Boots/Heavy Bones vocalist Joel Ellis;.

2007  Caroline Blue ~  "Not For the Innocent” CD, Co-writing credits

2007  LoveBone ~ Perris Records –"Hollywood Hairspray Volume 7" CD

2007  LoveBone ~ Versailles Records –"Skater Rock Compilation 1, 2 & 3" CD

2008  LoveBone ~ Versailles Records – "Lick It Up - A Millennium Tribute to Kiss" with the bonus disc "Strip Rock Volume 1 & 2" CD

2008  LoveBone ~ "Inside Out", Soundtrack for Video, "Have Sword, Will Travel", Written and Directed by Swordmaster Bobby Lento


2008  LoveBone ~ "Cant Drink You Off My Mind", Soundtrack for, "Have Sword, Will Travel",Ep.2 Written and Directed by Swordmaster Bobby Lento

2008  LoveBone  ~ unreleased "Jakkin' the Box" CD

2009  LoveBone ~ A.O.G. MEDIA Presents: "DVD Compilation Volume 1"

2010  Roy Coston, Jeff Howell, {Foghat,Savoy Brown, Feinstein, The Cats}  Don Pharoah, 5 song original demo, Ithaca New York

2012  Ardent  ~ "The Metal Anthology”, Retrosprect Records re - release/with Bonus Tracks,CD  

2012  DC Strut ~ "S/T”, Retrosprect Records re - release/with Bonus Tracks, CD  

2012  LoveBone ~ "Suck, Bang, Blow" Retrosprect Records re - release/with Bonus Tracks, CD & Digital Download  

2015  Roy Coston ~ {May} ~ Free digital download of an Instrumental "The Guitar Center Sessions"

2015  Roy Coston ~ {September} ~  digital download of "Not Much Left of Me" {Dave Defeis from Virgin Steele Mastering}

           "Not Much Left of Me" {Remix} and "Falling Over The Edge" {1987 John Gallagher fom Raven Mix} 

2015  Roy Coston ~ {October} Lyric Video release "Not Much Left of Me" {Remix}

2015 Roy Coston ~ {December} IndiePulse Music Magazine / IndiePulse Records is proud to announce the release of the 1st of 4 new singles and                     special EP Digital Albums available of Our Bandcamp Site.

2019 (September 23} Keith Wormuth - A Wormhole 2.0 Various Artist Compilation - 'Not Much Left Of Me' Roy Coston Solo

2020 Roy Coston - {June} Composed the original musical intro to a local talk show Rick Smith for the second season in Oneida NY called

    'Chilling  With The Rick!'

2020 Roy Coston {July} 'SIX STRING SERMON' new instrumental song released worldwide, Bandcamp; Spotify; Reverbnation; Deezer and more

2020 Roy Coston {August} 'RAILROAD ANGELS'  & "IS IT NOW YET?" new instrumental songs released worldwide, Bandcamp; Spotify;                 Reverbnation; Amazon; Deezer; Pandora and more

2020 {AUGUST} Roy Coston 'If it Aint Loud; It Aint Right;  'SIX STRING SERMON';  'RAILROAD ANGELS'  & 'IS IT NOW YET?' EP Released Digitally

2020  FOUR LARGE MEN - Tribute to the original members of the band Four Large Men who have passed away. Rick Richmond, Kevin Meacham          and, Jerry Yerman.  The disc contains; 7 songs, 5 unreleased bonus tracks, and 1 unreleased unplugged track, 13 tracks total. All from the

   original  cassette tapes remastered by DAVID DeFEIS of VIRGIN STEELE at The Hammer of Zeus Recording Studios Long Island New York.

2021 Roy Coston - {May} Composed the original musical intro to a local talk show Rick Smith for the THIRD season in Oneida NY called

    'Chilling  With The Rick!'

      'Six String Sermon'  Video Production  April 16, Allen Park, Oneida NY Freddy Villano: Bass, Talon Blaque: Drums Roy Coston: Guitars &                                   Brandon Wheeler Video Production 

         May 19, 2021  FOUR LARGE MEN - 'Alibi (All Those Nights)' from the album "F.L.M" soon to be reissued on Heaven and Hell Records

        Jesse De La O Texas  {June} Lead work for his song 'SO MUCH' production by Juan Miguel Alcantara!

      Jesse De La O Texas  {June} Lead work for his song 'Break My Heart production by Juan Miguel Alcantara!

       Four Large Men July 1  Heaven & Hell Records reissuing the 1992 debut of New York’s melodic hard rockers FOUR LARGE MEN  'F.L.M.' 

 2022  Jan 31, 2022  DC STRUT - Shock City from the album "DC STRUT" soon to be reissued on Heaven and Hell Records

            March 11, 2022 DC STRUT self titled reissued on Heaven and Hell Records

2024 April 3 2024  LoveBone {single} Blame it on the 80's  -        Recorded live in Oneida by Evans Sound; Mixed by Ian Evans

                                                            at 3rd Ave Studios; Produced by LoveBone! Mastered by Matt Denton  for Ragged Birds Music

 May 18  2024 Roy Coston officially announces, "SIX STRING SERMON" The Proper Guitar Instructional Book,  a limited run of 200 were published 

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