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Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Paying tribute to my departed musical brothers.



Heaven and Hell Records will soon be reissuing the 1992 debut of New York’s melodic hard rockers FOUR LARGE MEN

Oneida, New York-based guitarist ROY COSTON, formerly of the bands ARDENT & DC STRUT, is a well-respected veteran of the Central New York local music scene. Coming out of the ashes of the 1980s and thrust into another decade of changing music,

FOUR LARGE MEN was founded in 1990 by guitarist and well-respected veteran of the Central New York music scene, Roy Coston. After his stint with the bands ARDENT & DC STRUT throughout the previous decade, Coston began to focus on a new project with a more bluesy hard rock edge than his previous endeavors. He recruited drummer Kevin Meacham who was also formerly in the bands ARDENT & DC STRUT. Bassist Rick Richmond would also be brought in. The trio then set out to find a singer. They came across vocalist Jerry Yerman, formerly of New York bands VISIGOTH and FALLING ANGEL.

Now with a solid line-up Coston and his new band simply and fittingly dubbed FOUR LARGE MEN entered Acgrok Recording Studios in Utica, NY to record their debut “F.L.M.”. The recording would take several months between September ’91 to March ’92. A limited cassette release would be issued by the band soon after the recording was completed.

Despite the limited DIY distribution FOUR LARGE MEN’s cassettes managed to find their way to other parts of the world gaining A substantial amount of press. Overseas fanzines featured the band in countries such as Belgium, German, Denmark, South Africa, and Scandinavia. Major publications in the USA and Canada such as Powerline, Screamer, and RIP magazines featured the band. In 1993, FOUR LARGE MEN would also be included on two compilation releases appearing on Perris Records’ "Volume 1" with their song “Sweet Jezebel”. That same year, ‘Sweet Jezebel” was also featured on Iron Man Records’ "The Best of the Unsigned Volume 1".

The original lineup of FOUR LARGE MEN would come to an end in the summer of 1993 when Meacham left New York for Tennessee. Rickmond also left to pursue more blues-oriented music. Yerman and Coston would continue on with another version of the band.

The original members of FOUR LARGE MEN would move on through the next several years still staying very close friends. Unfortunately, as the years passed, death appeared. Roy Coston is now the only one man left from the original lineup and he wants to keep the music he created with his three “big buddies” alive.

This release is a tribute to immortalize the tunes he recorded with lead vocalist Jerry Yerman, bassist Rick Richmond, and drummer Kevin Meacham.

Slated for a June/early July release, Heaven and Hell Records will reissue FOUR LARGE MEN - FLM 7-track debut album as a limited CD of 500. This limited pressing will also include an additional 6-bonus track. All songs have been remastered by David Defeis (Virgin Steele). Artwork design by Chris Ferguson.

Tracks are as follows.


01. Ballad Of Suicide Sal 02. Sweet Jezebel 03. Alibi (All Those Nights) 04. Watcha Gonna Do 05. Little Hot Sister 06. Living On The Edge 07. Friction Addiction 08. Turn Me On 09. Ain't Feeling Right 10. Old Man 11. Wrong Side Of The Tracks 12. Roll On Down The Highway 13. Ain't Feeling Right (Unplugged)

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